Eldon - nVent MCF Flange Mount Disconnect


The mild steel flange mount disconnect floor standing enclosure range, MCF, is available off the shelf in various sizes. It is equipped with a predefined cut-out, which reduces machining time, on the right hand door, that can be matched with most of the common switches in the market. The enclosure configurations that may be created comply with door interlocking and main switch regulations.

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Frame: 1.5 mm painted steel. Doors: 2 mm painted steel. Rear, roof and side panels: 1.5 mm painted steel. Mounting plate: 3 mm galvanized steel. Bottom plates: 1 mm galvanized steel.


Seam welded reversed open profiles with 25 mm hole pattern, according to DIN 43660. Including integrated external hole pattern.


Mounted with four hinges. Including door frame with 25 mm hole pattern. Door can not be reversed. Flange door: Surface mounted with hinges, locked from the inside, including universal cut-out.

Rear panel:

Fitted by M6 torx screws. Standard facilities for rear door mounting.

Side panels:

Supplied as an accessory.

Roof panel:



Lock, left door: Espagnolette 4-point locking system. Does not interfere with the enclosure inner space. Standard double-bit lock with 3 mm insert. Standard inserts, cylinders, lift handles and T-handles are available as accessories. Lock, right door: Top and bottom lock with double-bit for easy opening of the door. Double-bit 3 mm insert and 90° movement. Other inserts are available as an accessory.

Bottom plates:

Consists of three pieces.

Mounting plate:

Double folded and adjustable in depth by steps of 25 mm, with the MPD02 accessory. Supplied, attached on the outside of the enclosure packaging.


All panels are earthed through their fittings and are equipped with a separate earthing stud.


RAL 7035 structured powder coating.


Complies with IP 55 | TYPE 12, 13 | IK 10.

Mounting requirements:

Standard delivery ready for combined installation. Sides of the group of combined enclosures must be closed with side panels SPM. To complete the intelocking system add FMD in this master enclosure and FMA, FMB, FMS in the slave enclosures

Technical Information

Item no. Description Height
Mounting Plate 
MCF18084R5 Floor standing, 1800x800x400 1800 800 400 800
MCF18085R5 Floor standing, 1800x800x500 1800 800 500 800
MCF18105R5 Floor standing, 1800x1000x500 1800 1000 500 1000
MCF20085R5 Floor standing, 2000x800x500 2000 800 500 800
MCF20086R5 Floor standing, 2000x800x600 2000 800 600 800
MCF20105R5 Floor standing, 2000x1000x500 2000 1000 500 1000
MCF Flange Mount Disconnect