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Compact, aluminium, floor standing outdoor enclosure

The aluminium double wall compact floor standing enclosure range, EKOM, with IP 66 protection degree for outdoor use, is available off the shelf in many different sizes. Components inside the enclosure are well protected through the high protection degree, but also by anti-vandalism features and high thermal management efficiency. These factors all contribute to eliminate the risk for component failure, and with that unnecessary downtime.

CE Declaration of ConformityGOSTcULus_UL Listed
Feature:IP 66 TYPE 4X, 12, 13 IK 10


Aluminium double wall compact floor standing enclosure, designed for outdoor use, with multiple door configurations and a high IP 66 protection degree.


Customers can choose enclosures that meet their size requirements, off the shelf. The installed components inside the enclosure will be safe and secure due to the high protection degree, anti-vandalism features and thermal management efficiency, especially when exposed to the sun.


Customers can receive enclosures with a short delivery time, that match their size requirements. This will also remove any extra costs due to oversizing. Component failure and unnecessary downtime is avoided due to the enclosure's thermal management capabilities.


Bottom plates, CBPA, are to be ordered separately, if required.

Technical Information

Without mounting plate / bottom plate

Item no. Description Height
N° of doors Weight
EKOM12066 Floor standing, 1200x600x600 1200 600 600 1 62.00
EKOM12086 Floor standing, 1200x800x600 1200 800 600 1 65.00
EKOM12126 Floor standing, 1200x1200x600 1200 1200 600 2 72.00
EKOM14066 Floor standing, 1400x600x600 1400 600 600 1 73.00
EKOM14086 Floor standing, 1400x800x600 1400 800 600 1 76.00
EKOM14185 Floor standing, 1400x1800x500 1400 1800 500 3 139.00