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This aluminium double wall, single door combinable enclosure, ECOM, is designed for outdoor use. It is available off the shelf in many several dimensions, and allows for the creation of many different configurations, since it is combinable. With a high IP 66 protection degree, anti-vandalism features, and effective thermal management capabilities, components within the enclosure will be very well protected.

Feature:IP 66 TYPE 4X, 12, 13 IK 10



Aluminium double wall, single door combinable floor standing enclosure, for outdoor use, with a high IP 66 protection degree.


An enclosure available off the shelf in many different dimensions, allowing for the creation of configurations made of smaller, individual enclosures. Components installed will be well protected thanks to the high protection degree, anti-vandalism features, and thermal management efficiency, which is especially advantageous when exposed to sunlight.


The enclosures will be delivered quickly, and with many different sizes available engineering time can be reduced as well as the risk for oversizing. Downtime due to component failure is minimized thanks to the enclosure's thermal management capabilities.


Aluminium side panels, SPMA, must be ordered separately to close individual enclosures or enclosure assemblies. Proper closing is needed to ensure the stated protection degree is fulfilled. Bottom plates, CBPA, if required, must also be ordered separately.

Technical Information

Without mounting plate

Item no. Description Height
ECOM16066 Floor standing, 1600x600x600 1600 600 600
ECOM16086 Floor standing, 1600x800x600 1600 800 600
ECOM18066 Floor standing, 1800x600x600 1800 600 600
ECOM18086 Floor standing, 1800x800x600 1800 800 600
ECOM20066 Floor standing, 2000x600x600 2000 600 600
ECOM20086 Floor standing, 2000x800x600 2000 800 600
ECOM Floor Standing Product sheet